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Baker's Dozen

A Controlling Cacophony: Dan Deacon's Favourite Albums
Dom Smith , June 9th, 2015 09:28

With his fourth album Gliss Riffer released earlier this year and a European tour just started, the Baltimore electronics wizard tells Dom Smith what the gems in his record collection have given to his own musical creations


Brian Eno - Before And After Science
I probably started listening to this mostly around the time of Low. I think one of the things I like most about it is knowing that he had started his ambient phase, but hadn't released any of it yet and was writing this pop record knowing he had to finish it, but knowing he had this other body of work inside of him that was waiting to come out. I think you can really hear it, knowing that he had work with Talking Heads coming up, it just seemed like a really interesting perspective to be a composer and producer. Often when I'm in the middle of an album I'll have other projects happening, like I'll be working with an orchestra or something. It was cool to go back and hear that record again after knowing the context in which it was being made. I don't know what his mindset was. I get very stressed out by the amount of work that I have to do. I take on too many projects and I have a horrible time saying no to opportunities and I hear a lot of that in this record. I think 'Backwater' is one of his best songs. I think the lyrics are amazing, the music is awesome. It's a beautiful album. When I'm in the studio and want to walk away from my own work and listen to something else, I really like listening to that record.