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WATCH: Iglooghost & Mr. Yote Video
Gary Suarez , June 5th, 2015 13:00

Take a look at the pocket monster-ridden video for Flyknit Shoes from new collaboration, Milk Empire

In this age of babadooks and human centipedes, the genuine horrors of everyday life have become largely eschewed on film for supernatural absurdities and faecal gross-outs. The surveillance state, extraordinary rendition, the theft and exploitation of your personal data - these should be the sorts of fearsome things that keep us up at night, more so than anything that bumps.

What scares me most, other than a spider laying its many eggs inside of me, is the existential stuff, the real dread-making notions and quandaries that make an otherwise sensible man want to hide under his arachnid-free duvet. Is technology modifying the personality sections of our brains? Will raising my kids atheist adversely affect their morality? What does my choice of peanut butter say about my position on patriarchy? Iglooghost assures me that the waking pocket monster hallucinations that populate the 'Flyknit Shoes' video aren't meant to invoke fear. "It would be scary for some ppl but they're like my fav Pokemon," he explains via email, “so for me it's dope." Part of the collaborative Yoteghost album with Sacramento, CA-based rapper Mr. Yote, the clip stars young Iglooghost himself buzzing through the banal rigmarole of daily life with perpetually rotating video game visions of Pikachu and the gang. "I can still see them as I type this," he admits. "I don't know how to get rid of them." Yoteghost's Milk Empire is now available as a mylar balloon at, with a digital edition forthcoming.