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WATCH: Midnitemen's Killer
Bryan Brussee , June 4th, 2015 09:35

Grant Morrison confronts cosmic shenanigans, 5D transcendence and the current state of pop music in MIDNITEMEN's debut music video

Every so often, something lands in your lap that you are entirely unprepared for. Such is the case with KILLER, the latest single by MIDNITEMEN, the DJ duo from Los Angeles featuring the ever-intrepid Akira The Don, long-time collaborator Wade Crescent and the legendary Grant Morrison. Oof! Watch the music video above. Remember, don't fight it, feel it, and tQ'll wait.

Look, gang, here's the deal: The email I got about this piece of music says the video features "a neon space odyssey chronicling [MIDNITEMEN's] journey from the edges of 5D space 'somewhere beyond Sirius' to planet Earth...". The words required exceed this wide-eyed American intern's command of the English (or any other) language, experience with psychedelics and pay grade. The Bandcamp tags it "Peakwave." Google provides neither definitions nor alternatives. Buy the song here and do your best to scrape your brains off the wall.