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Alanna McArdle Leaves Joanna Gruesome
Laurie Tuffrey , June 1st, 2015 18:58

Singer leaves band, citing "mental health reasons"

Joanna Gruesome have announced that they and their singer Alanna McArdle will be parting ways. In a statement on Facebook, the Cardiff band said: "hey so we've had a line-up change and we're super super sad to say that alanna will no longer be playing in the band". They added: "it's been so so cool to be in a band with someone we've became such great friends with, someone who's been totally unafraid to hone in on horrible jerks and someone who's made negotiating the bullshit of music industry types fun and inspiring". The post included a message from McArdle, who said: "Lately, my mental health problems have become a lot worse and I've gone through a pretty shitty time. I've realised I need to actually take some time out to focus on some kind of 'recovery', so I won't be singing in Joanna Gruesome anymore. I hate to sound cheesy but the time I had in jgro was life-changing. I made friends with so many amazing people, had the chance to play with some of my favourite bands, went to places I'd never been before (metaphysically and geographically) and pissed off a lot of men in the process. I am really proud of everything I've done with the band, especially Peanut Butter, and I think we've made some really great records. Thanks to everyone who ever put up with me on tour, and anyone who stopped any assholes from hurting other people at our shows xo".

McArdle, who also releases solo under the name Ides, recorded two albums with the group: Weird Sister from 2013 and this year's Peanut Butter. In a second post, the band announced that they would be joined by two new singers, Kate Stonestreet of Pennycress and Roxy Brennan of Trust Fund, Grubs, Two White Cranes and Towel, as well as listing their upcoming tour dates, which will begin with a UK tour in September following a set at Roskilde festival. Listen to 'Last Year' from Peanut Butter below: