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Baker's Dozen

Piercing Highs: Mondkopf's Favourite Albums
The Quietus , May 28th, 2015 12:44

Fittingly enough for a man who makes music of a decidedly bracing bent - be it the hulking techno of Mondkopf or the grindcore-inspired electronics of Extreme Precautions - French producer Paul Régimbeau's top 13 LPs are a suitably heavyweight suite. Brace yourself...


Halo - Body Of Light
I've never heard their other records, but on this one they come close to Godflesh or Swans. It's a record which blends these two bands, with a heavy doom metal sound, deep in reverb with lots of piercing highs (a kind of an obsession of mine). I love the production and the way the tape saturates. It brings me to Khanate or Toadliquor, too, which I could have selected as well. Their records sound like nothing else in extreme metal - so hateful and wicked. Body Of Light is clearly a record I can't do without these days.