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Baker's Dozen

These Gifts: Mark Arm Of Mudhoney's Favourite Albums
Nick Hutchings , May 26th, 2015 15:35

As they embark upon a run of UK dates tonight, the Seattle fuzz merchants' frontman takes Nick Hutchings on a tour of his top 13 LPs


Bizarros - Bizarros
The Bizarros are great; I love their self-titled album from 1979. They were going earlier, they did a split 12" with Rubber City Rebels that came out in '77 and some of the songs from that are also on this record but the difference between the two versions is pretty dramatic.

The earlier versions of the songs are slower and they drag a little bit, and on this 1979 record they're really driving and kind of scratchy, hyper-Velvet Underground sort of stuff. You can tell there's a Lou Reed influence going on but it's also very much it's own thing. I looked them up a little while ago out of interest and there's a website and they're playing. Next time we go to Ohio we should play with them. They're just so good.