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Baker's Dozen

These Gifts: Mark Arm Of Mudhoney's Favourite Albums
Nick Hutchings , May 26th, 2015 15:35

As they embark upon a run of UK dates tonight, the Seattle fuzz merchants' frontman takes Nick Hutchings on a tour of his top 13 LPs


The Residents - Duck Stab/Buster & Glen
I guess it was originally two EPs, put together in one record. I don't have the original versions but the songs all feel like one record and it's kind of them at their catchiest. They were always a little bit creepy. Some of the other things that came out on Ralph Records like Renaldo and The Loaf were wackier but there was a creepiness to The Residents that I found very, very appealing.

Do you know Long Gone John, the label boss from Sympathy For The Record Industry? I went down to visit him at his house in Long Beach. This band I was in, Bloodloss, was on tour and we all went over there because he released a couple of our records. We went to his house and he was just a massive collector of crazy rock stuff and also that kind of juxtaposed art, like Robert Williams paintings. The Residents came up and his eyes lit up. He was like, "Come here, follow me" and he took us to this back room, opened up a safe and pulled out a copy of Santa Dog their first record. He prized that so much he kept it in a safe!