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PREVIEW: Orphx At Kaos
Luke Turner , May 21st, 2015 17:22

Ahead of the infernally noisy techno duo's visit to London this weekend, KAOS' Lee Adams picks five essential Orphx moments and tells us why he's bringing them over.

Alright so we're a bit late to the party when it comes to long-running techno night KAOS, but it's fast becoming one of our favourite nights out in London. Punishing music all night long! Space to dance! No gurning, leering, lecherous bellend #lads! Sex and art in excelsis! Ancient Methods last month was a year highlight and we'd therefore heartily encourage the right-thinking among you to head to this Saturday's KAOS, which features a rare performance by non other than Orphx. We interviewed the duo last month, you can read that here. Also on the night there'll be sets from Tcherneyan, Choronzon and Bradley Kaos, with this month's featured visual artist Jan Manski, whose beautifully macabre forms you can find out more about here. Tickets for KAOS are available here and there's a facebook page here.

We asked KAOS founder Lee Adams to pick five favoured Orphx moments and to tell us about why he's bring them to London this weekend: "I first encountered Orphx in 2011 when they released the album Radiotherapy on the Hands label. The first track of theirs I ever heard was 'Dead Zone', in the middle of a freezing cold night, alone on headphones. It blew my mind. Their music combines everything I love about electronic music, it is hallucinatory, intense, dramatic and subtle at the same time, a cinematic soundtrack for lucid dreaming the way they fuse modular analog and digital sounds, industrial, techno and rhythmic noise is unique, their output over the past 20 years has been prolific with forays into noise and experimentalism but they have a signature sound that is recognisable theirs throughout.

"I have been playing Orphx tracks in my sets for the past three years, I have become obsessed with the sonic intensity and the way in which their tracks warp and swerve in unexpected directions, crashing walls of sound folding into epileptic frequencies ... listening to Orphx is like flying as it is in a dream, low across the city, veering through a canyon before plunging off a high cliff, it's breathtakingly beautiful and exhilarating. We have been planning their live performance at Kaos for 12 months now, co-ordinating with the other cities involved in their European tour which takes in Paris, Leipzig, Berlin and Lucerne. Having Orphx play live a Kaos is a dream come true."

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