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WATCH: tQ's J-Do Talks To Noel Gallagher
Alex Robert Ross , May 14th, 2015 16:15

In the first of a new British Masters series on Noisey, John Doran speaks to the guitarist about all sorts

In the first series of the excellent British Masters, tQ editor and man on tour John Doran conducted a series of fascinating interviews with some of this country's favourite musicians: Mark E Smith, Dizzee Rascal, Bryan Ferry and a great many more. Now, the good people at Noisey have unveiled the first episode of the second season, in which J-Do sits down with former shy and retiring wallflower Noel Gallagher.

Our esteemed editor brings out Gallagher's convivial side, though that doesn't by any means stifle Gallagher's frankness. Call Noel Gallagher progressive, eh? "What does that mean anyway? And who are some people? The Guardian? Who gives a fuck about The Guardian?" Point taken. Other highlights include Gallagher talking about the Amorphous Androgynous collaboration that never saw the light of day (read AA's Gaz Cobain telling us his side of the story here), his reasoning being that: "I'm not going to put records out to please people and their imagination [so] they can hear it and go, 'Actually it is a bit shit.' I know it's shit and that's the end of it." On a sweeter note, nice words for Daman Albarn: "Turns out he's quite a genial fellow… as am I." Indeed. Watch that above before making your way to The Lexington for John Doran's English Trip gig tonight.