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LIVE: Radio Cineola Election Day Special
Laurie Tuffrey , May 7th, 2015 11:15

The The's Matt Johnson hosting 12 hours of interviews, special guests, music, poetry and more, on air until midnight tonight

Matt Johnson, main man of The The, soundtrack composer and broadcaster, is currently at the top end of a 12-hour election day special broadcast on his Radio Cineola station, running from midday to midnight. In amongst discussion about politics, music and poetry, there'll be guests, appearing live and over Skype, and interviews with F William Engdahl, the geo-political strategist, David Edwards of media watchdog Media Lens and Russia Today's Neil Clark. Speaking to The Ransom Note about the broadcast, Johnson said: "Generally, most of the issues I feel passionately about aren't being covered by the media - there are black holes in corporate media coverage, so I thought instead of watching that nonsense, why not do my own broadcast? In fact, the broadcast isn't going to be specifically about the election, but big issues I feel should be discussed, whether that's the deficit, or the developers' plan for London, or the fact that Britain has no independent foreign policy and is essentially a colony of America."

Tune in at The The's website and read tQ editor John Doran's interview with Johnson from last year here.