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At His Modjesty's Request: Paul Weller's Favourite Albums
Mat Colegate , May 7th, 2015 08:54

Paul Weller is releasing a new album, Saturns Pattern, so we sent tQ film editor Mat Colegate off to meet his mod hero and bask in the glory of his sartorial prowess. Ah, yes, and find out about his top 13 albums as well


The Kinks - Face To Face
For me it could be every Kinks A-side from 1964 to 1969. Just an amazing run of the most fantastic pop songs. Village Green Preservation Society is obviously a great record, but Face To Face has some fabulous songs on it. It's almost a concept record. I don't think there's any lyrical theme to it, but it's very complete, which a lot of their records weren't before. What a writer, I can't say how much influence [Ray Davies] has had on me. The artistry of condensing all those ideas into a little three-minute song is just fantastic. I'm always still knocked out by that. When I was a kid and I first went to America, in the record shops you could buy all these old Kinks records, stuff I'd never seen or even heard of. So I came back with shitloads of Kinks records and that had a definite influence on [third Jam album] All Mod Cons. Those little story songs, vignettes of English life and English characters. That was a massive influence on me.