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WATCH: Warmduscher Gold Teeth Video
John Doran , April 22nd, 2015 07:52

Pass the poppers! The camping's about to begin!

If, like tQ editor John Doran, you spent a lot of time in the mid 1980s in St Helens taking magic mushrooms in tents, wrestling with difficult concepts of what it means to become a man in suburban beer gardens, fighting off the advances of spokespeople for horrible eschatological vegetation myth cults and fighting off the attentions of amorous truck drivers from Penge - this video should be a right whimsical trip down memory lane for you.

The excellently freakish Warmduscher - German for candy ass - may appear to be sartorially, aesthetically, morally and professionally bankrupt but out of the union of evil minds and evil talents they are slowly forging a rambunctious, dirty and persuasive racket reminiscent at times of early Bauhaus, Pere Ubu and Hair And Skin Trading Co.

Clams Baker - the dude who looks like a Vegas showman in the waiting room for Hell (the other two members are Saul and Jack from Fat White Family) - says: "This is a subliminal foray into the world of ancient traditions and spiritual awakenings. Spanning four generations of pre-eminence, 'Gold Teeth' encapsulates what it means to be a man in 2015. Long Live It."

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