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Low End Theories: Palehorse's Favourite Bass Albums
Kiran Acharya , April 21st, 2015 13:11

Before their appearance at Desertfest at the Camden Underworld this weekend, uber-heavy bass guitar maestros James Bryant and John Atkins of Palehorse salute their favourite bass albums with Kiran Acharya (and even include one that has no bass guitar at all)


Fugazi - End Hits
JA: 'Art rock' isn't a very nice term. If you told me you were going to an 'art rock' show I'd probably vomit, but Fugazi managed something like this style in the best way a band could ever do it. Fugazi are the best punk band of all time, not just because of the quality of the music but because of the ethics behind everything they did. What they did stands above what anyone else has achieved because they did it all themselves.

JB: When Fugazi were putting out their first couple of records I wasn't listening. It was a band I went back to, but we can both agree that End Hits is their finest piece of work. But Red Medicine is great too.

JA: I stole your copy of that.

JB: I knew I owned it at some point! I was wondering where it was. I was glad John chose Fugazi. They have real melodic sense. Joe Lally is probably the unsung hero of Fugazi. Not only does he massively mould with Brendan Canty, but if you listen to Joe Lally he's melodic, he's got severe groove. He's great.