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Low End Theories: Palehorse's Favourite Bass Albums
Kiran Acharya , April 21st, 2015 13:11

Before their appearance at Desertfest at the Camden Underworld this weekend, uber-heavy bass guitar maestros James Bryant and John Atkins of Palehorse salute their favourite bass albums with Kiran Acharya (and even include one that has no bass guitar at all)


Techno Animal - The Brotherhood Of The Bomb
JA: You've got Justin Broadrick of Godflesh, who's friends with Kevin Martin, who does The Bug, and they did Techno Animal in the nineties. Kevin Martin's more of a hip-hop industrial beat guy, so Techno Animal are like really heavy hip-hop. Like really heavy hip hop. The Brotherhood Of The Bomb was their last record but it's the best. The industrial heaviness hits you smack in the mouth. I didn't realise hip-hop could be this loud and obnoxious and disgusting, basically.

Unlike a lot of crossover stuff, Techno Animal wasn't heavy guitars, it was just heavy beats. I think Godflesh are an amazing band but Techno Animal is mind-blowing. Streetcleaner is an absolute masterpiece, but I'm not a record junkie in the sense of having to own everything ever made by a band. There are a couple of Godflesh albums I haven't even listened to. But I like the new one [A World Lit Only By Fire]. That's a return to form. They've gone back to the proper drum machine sound they used to have, which, I read recently, Broadrick said brought the life back into it. I agree.