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Baker's Dozen

The Ideal Copies: Graham Lewis Of Wire's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , April 15th, 2015 13:44

As Wire continue their five-night London residency as part of the tQ co-curated DRILL:LEXINGTON festival, their bassist and lyricist gives Luke Turner a tour of his top 13 records


Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey
What a great singer, what a great record. I was living in West London in Notting Hill when I heard this. It felt like the time I was living in. I think it's an extraordinary production, the whole piece, and it doesn't matter whether you believe that it is politics, propaganda or poetry, the voice I think is just incredible. I take it as all three... it depends on de 'erb man. It'd be so addictive to play bass like that, so I've always avoided it. Roundabout '76, '77, it was like hearing Blue Beat in shebeens in Notting Hill. That was understanding something else, detuned basses, that was all about sonics. And then the act of actually playing something so melodic would seem even more perverse. It really informs electronic music. Physically it is really enjoyable to play bass - there's a similar element to playing sport, that sense of coordination and being involved in an activity with other people. There were times when, and particularly on our 'Drill' marathons, you really do get beyond pain and an outer body experience, which is of course indescribable, and that's exciting.