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VOTE! Says Brian May
Emily Schofield , April 14th, 2015 11:31

Plus watch the Queen guitarist discuss his Common Decency campaign

Queen guitarist Brian May has spoken out in an effort to encourage people to vote in the forthcoming general election. After appearing with Brighton Green Party Candidate Caroline Lucas in Brighton yesterday, he asks people “not to assume that your vote will be wasted.”

May continues his The Common Decency campaign in a quest for acting politicians whom “act decently, transparently and accountably” and “represent our interests”. You can find out more about this here and watch a video with May discussing it above.

Despite being a strong vocal opponent of the badger cull and fox hunting, May remains unbiased in inspiring votes for a particular party. He asks for a perspective on politics “without colour.”

The guitarist asks the individual to “vote for someone you believe in. Don’t vote for a party, vote for someone who will have a decent conscience and will represent your views in Parliament,” he says.

The guitarist and physics enthusiast calls for people to “get up off your arse and vote”, in an inspiring and oppositional argument to that of Russell Brand’s encouragement for people not to vote in a government not worth voting for.