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Broken Spines: Literary Links
Karl Smith , March 29th, 2015 12:09

Vanity is cool when you're beautiful and the mirror is reciprocative of your adulation, but there is a world outside (which also often contains windows and even puddles so as not to go too long without catching a glimpse of those architecturally-brutalist cheekbones) which contains other people. In summary: good articles were written recently by other people — here are some of them

Josh Cohen runs a steamroller over Slavoj Žižek at the New Statesman
"The Žižekian corpus reads increasingly like a philosophic iPod Shuffle, recirculating the same repertory of jokes, analyses, interpretations and provocations in different sequences and combinations."

Slavoj Žižek offers a modest rejoinder
"[A]lthough I am far from a well-meaning liberal, I simply cannot recognise myself in the lunatic-destructive figure described by Cohen."

Lauren Oyler writes about the correspondence of Kathy Acker for Vice (Warning: contains the phrase "immortalize your typos")
"For all those who have semi-jokingly suggested historians will comb our Gmail accounts for wisdom and gossip after we die, there is, as always, an app."

Orit Gat on negative criticism at Review 31
"A culture of favouritism, of the nothing-but-good, means supporting reactive writing, where the critique is only in what’s being covered, not in the writing itself."

Jonathan Meades on more or less everything at The White Review
"[T]here was no such thing as Nazi architecture stylistically, but there was such a thing as Nazi architecture from the point of view of size."

Dazed put American Psycho through the Clean Reader app
"We put Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho through Clean Reader to see if our iPhone combusted or just presented a series of unreadable redacted blocks."

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