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Invisible Undercurrents: Cat's Eyes' Favourite Soundtracks
Kiran Acharya , February 19th, 2015 12:18

With their soundtrack to Peter Strickland's new film The Duke Of Burgundy released this week, Cats' Eyes - The Horrors' Faris Badwan and composer Rachel Zeffira - run through their movie collection with Kiran Acharya to pick out their 13 top scores and soundtracks


Various - Clockwork Orange
FB: The opening scene is really brilliant, with the chords coming in and that classic Kubrick zooming-in. And of course when Alex brings two girls home and has his way with them. The use of Beethoven is so good in that scene.

RZ: What I love about this is that Kubrick choreographs a lot of the scenes so beautifully. Especially in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but here there's a fight scene between the gangs which is so theatrical. It's almost balletic.

FB: This is apparently the first film to use Dolby sound. I was once at a party arguing with Sam Duckworth because he said Dolby was more important to music than punk. Dolby is just something that was high-tech in the past, whereas punk continues to resonate - it's part of the evolution. I don't know what his reasoning was. The thought of a whole conversation on the subject makes me want to sit with my eyes wide open but actually be asleep.