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Invisible Undercurrents: Cat's Eyes' Favourite Soundtracks
Kiran Acharya , February 19th, 2015 12:18

With their soundtrack to Peter Strickland's new film The Duke Of Burgundy released this week, Cats' Eyes - The Horrors' Faris Badwan and composer Rachel Zeffira - run through their movie collection with Kiran Acharya to pick out their 13 top scores and soundtracks


Louis and Bebe Barron - Forbidden Planet
FB: What I love about this is how it sounds so futuristic yet also from so long ago, like it could have been recorded in somebody's bedroom in the way that many of the early sci-fi soundtracks were. This is in 1956. These soundtracks were incredibly low-budget and home-made, but have such a charm to them. In some ways they're even more atmospheric for it.

You can tell the Forbidden Planet soundtrack was produced quickly. But that's kind of how we approached the first Cat's Eyes album. If we wanted percussion we'd record ourselves hitting a banister and then treat the sound. Forbidden Planet makes me think of Tom Dissevelt, who I always get mixed up with Tod Dockstader. Dissevelt was a really early electronic music pioneer. He was doing crazy things in the 1940s, and making techno in the late fifties. Search 'Tom Dissevelt acid house' to see what I mean.