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GALLERY: Rowan Bulmer
Valerie Siebert , January 30th, 2015 15:44

In 2012, Tahita Bulmer of NYPC discovered masses of contact sheets of her father Rowan's photographs of the big names of Swinging London: Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Elton John and more among them. Here, Rowan talks Val Siebert through ten of our favourites. Photographs courtesy of Rowan Bulmer


Mick Jagger and Chris Farlowe
I think this may have been taken at the last Ready Steady Go! I go back some way with the Stones, knowing them more or less since they started! I was equally close with them all except Bill [Wyman] really. I actually introduced Mick to Chrissie Shrimpton. Chrissie was, of course, Jean Shrimpton's sister. I knew her from Eel Pie Island and she was part of the crowd I knocked around with. And one night I was at the Ealing Club and I saw Chrissie come in and I went to say hello, she said she'd come to see the Rolling Stones, she'd only ever heard them. We went down the stairs and she got to the front of the club and stood there, jaw dropped open staring at Mick. I see this and I say, "What? Do you like him?" and she says, "Ah, he's drop dead gorgeous!" And I said, "Would you like to meet him?" And she said, "Ooooh you bet I do!" So I took her and introduced them, you know, "This is Mick, this is Chrissie" and then later that night I saw them going off together. The rest is history. They went out for quite some time and it seemed that every time they had a row I was brought in as a mediator because I was friends with both of them.

That's Chris Farlowe there with Mick. Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds. A big hefty chap, I knew him a bit. He goes back a long way. I think I first came across him at the Ealing Club. We might have hung out when he was in Atomic Rooster as I knew the guys from The Crazy World of Arthur Brown who were part of the band.