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GALLERY: Rowan Bulmer
Valerie Siebert , January 30th, 2015 15:44

In 2012, Tahita Bulmer of NYPC discovered masses of contact sheets of her father Rowan's photographs of the big names of Swinging London: Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Elton John and more among them. Here, Rowan talks Val Siebert through ten of our favourites. Photographs courtesy of Rowan Bulmer


The Jeff Beck Group
I believe that was taken on the first proper gig that The Jeff Beck Group did at the Rainbow Room at the end of Finchley Road, where Jeff threw his guitar down and walked offstage because he couldn't hear the drummer play. The first group that he acknowledges that he played with - and which isn't quite true - is The Tridents, who I managed. The drummer and Jeff became quite good friends and after he was finished with The Yardbirds, he brought him into the group. So everyone was waiting for this new band with Jeff Beck. The bass player was Jet Harris from The Shadows, Rod Stewart was the singer and Ronnie Wood was the rhythm guitarist. At this gig, after about the third number, Jeff threw his guitar onto the ground and stormed off stage. Nobody knew what happened, but that was the end of the act.

The other strange thing is that there are Paul and Barry Ryan. Marion Ryan, who was their mother, was one of the top singers of the 1950s. Her two sons were very big in the 60s. In the photos, they are the two guys who are dressed exactly the same. I actually don't remember Roy Orbison being at the gig. But I remember the day well because myself, Jeff Beck and Barry Ryan had all been out with the same girl and we chatted about it.