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THIS WEEK: Austin Collings Book Launch
Karl Smith , January 26th, 2015 16:54

Join novelist and longtime friend of the Quietus Austin Collings to celebrate the release of his new, PARIAH-published, tQ-endorsed work of grim, Northern verisimilitude The Myth of Brilliant Summers down't'pub this coming Friday in Homerton

tQ contributor and Mark E Smith biographer Austin Collings' new book The Myth of Brilliant Summers, published by PARIAH PRESS, will be launched at The Adam & Eve pub in Homerton this Friday, January 30 from 9pm til late. In an attempt to evoke the rat-arsed spirit of Oliver Reed and Richard Burton and co, the booze will be free for as long it lasts.

The book in question - described in these pages as "a crisp-packet Ballard", and I'd challenge you to detail higher praise - has received glowing reviews from writers like Daniel Woodrell, John Healy and the Observer and Guardian's Kevin Mitchell. Collings will be doing a short and reluctant reading.

PARIAH'S co-founder Jamie Lee (lead singer of MONEY) also promises: "DJs. Feathers and blood on the floor. Cocktails. Fist fights. Erections." Which, you'll likely agree, has most bases covered. We've also been told that if you have any books that you would like to burn - Caitlin Moran, Nick Cave or Salman Rushdie for example - there will be a custom-made PARIAH incinerator on-site designed by Antony Gormless.

The Myth of Brilliant Summers is available at a special discounted price until January 31, 2015 exclusively from the publisher. And, should you still be undecided, you might wish to turn your eyes to our own recent review, celebrating a work of "gravedigger surrealism" and "touching modern pathos".