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Baker's Dozen

Significant Involuntary Memories: Paul Allen Of Anthroprophh's 13 Top LPs
John Doran , January 6th, 2015 12:08

Following last year's mighty Outside The Circle album and the news that Anthroprophh will be playing this year's Desertfest, the band's leader and former Heads man Paul Allen (the hirsute gentleman on the right below) cherrypicks 13 albums from his hefty collection


Clear Blue Sky - Clear Blue Sky
While not perfect by any means - the first track is slightly boogie at the start - this LP is one of my favourites on the Vertigo Swirl label. Love the scrawly lead guitar, all thin and wobbly just like John Du Cann. I think the skeletal production gets criticised but this adds to it for me; it's riff-heavy but not metal and a good example of UK proto-prog. I did write a song heavily influenced by Clear Blue Sky for a Heads LP in 2009 but we never got round to recording it along with the ten other songs we had.