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Baker's Dozen

Significant Involuntary Memories: Paul Allen Of Anthroprophh's 13 Top LPs
John Doran , January 6th, 2015 12:08

Following last year's mighty Outside The Circle album and the news that Anthroprophh will be playing this year's Desertfest, the band's leader and former Heads man Paul Allen (the hirsute gentleman on the right below) cherrypicks 13 albums from his hefty collection


Gas - Pop
I went through a stage of buying modern ambient drone LPs and none of them really grabbed me. Initially when I bought this in the now sadly defunct Imperial Records in Bristol it passed over me with only a little effect. The front cover of a detail of some lush forest and a big recommendation from Imperial kept me coming back for more. After a few listens I realised the depth of the music and that there were layers of drones on each track and it was complex but deceptively simple at the same time. I listen to this still all the time when I am snoozing or extremely relaxed. Even after all this years I still come back to this album 14 years after buying the CD.