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Significant Involuntary Memories: Paul Allen Of Anthroprophh's 13 Top LPs
John Doran , January 6th, 2015 12:08

Following last year's mighty Outside The Circle album and the news that Anthroprophh will be playing this year's Desertfest, the band's leader and former Heads man Paul Allen (the hirsute gentleman on the right below) cherrypicks 13 albums from his hefty collection


Soft Machine - The Soft Machine
Like Can, in my early years of collecting I could not find the decent Soft Machine LPs, just the rubbishy mid- to late 70s fusion ones when Mike Ratledge just gave up. Finally one day the first album and Vol. 2 appeared in a charity shop for 50p about 15 years ago when I gave up on The Heads for a bit and Hugo and Wayne were rehearsing with Jim from Thee Hypnotics. Anyway I played this LP to death. The thing that stood out for me was Mike Ratledge and his frantic but well-schooled fuzz organ freak-outs. I remember some old hippy telling me about a Soft Machine gig he went to and he mentioned how brutal the organ was.