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DOWNLOAD: Cairo Liberation Front Mix!
Laurie Tuffrey , January 5th, 2015 17:41

Give CLF's new birthday mixtape, Bring The Noise Part V: The New Wave of Egyptian Wedding Rave, a spin below to mark two years of the Dutch collective celebrating the finest in Electro Chaabi

One ace first order of business this year is Cairo Liberation Front celebrating two years of operations. The Dutch collective, comprising Yannick Verhoeven and Joep Schmitz, have now been spreading the word about Egyptian Electro Chaabi music (have a read of tQ editor John Doran's extensive reports on the scene here) for 24 glorious months, through monumentally banging live sets and mixtapes - their Church Of The CLF mix was one of our favourite of last year - so it's only fitting that they'd mark their paper anniversary by turning out not one but five of the latter, and we're honoured to host the final instalment - give Bring The Noise Part V: The New Wave of Egyptian Wedding Rave a spin above, with the tracklisting at the foot of the page.

Says Verhoeven by means of introduction: "We're celebrating our second anniversary with five different blogs who've been supporting us from the beginning. Next to the Quietus, also Afropop WW, OkayAfrica, Generation Bass and Noisey. This last year we've been touring ten different countries with Cairo Liberation Front and this wouldn't be possible without those who've been supporting us from the start.

"With every tape I tried to use another theme. For this one I've created for the Quietus I wanted to create a second part of the notorious Electro-Cha3bi For Avant-Garde Lovers. With only the weirdest, most psychedelic and more drug-orientated songs I could find out of Egypt. You can find my personal highlight at the end of the tape with a track by a new producer called Mr. Sheko. For some untrained-electro-cha3bi ears this track sounds a bit like Islam Chipsy, but it seems to be another guy. Weirdly enough he also took some some harsh Skrillex-sounding wobbles. Never heard something like this before. Also definitely worth checking out is the end, with an Arabic Christmas medley, for everybody who's fed up with Mariah Carey and Wham!'s 'Last Christmas'." For anyone heading to Eurosonic in Groningen, Netherlands later this month, make sure you catch the duo's set on January 15, while you can keep an eye on their movements over at their Facebook.

  1. Intro
  2. Sharif Qasim - 'Nazra We Dehkaya'
  3. Sharif Qasim - 'Esmaa We Eskot'
  4. IbRaHiM El-MaSRe - 'Aady'
  5. Fe Youm - 'Emtehany'
  6. Diana Haddad - 'Madri Men Modah'
  7. Arhamona - 'Ya Allm'
  8. IbRaHiM El-MaSR - 'Kolo Ella Dy'
  9. DJ Masry - untitled
  10. Mr. X - untitled
  11. Untitled - untitled
  12. Samaka El3alamry - 'Fok Eltkshera'
  13. DJ Masry - untitled
  14. DJ Gado - 'Mahrgan Mafia (Da7y Remix)'
  15. مهرجان المافيا الزعبلاويه -بيبو -دوللى-مودى-بليه توزيع بيبو
  16. Mr. Sheko feat. El Bob - 'Moled El 3Frit'
  17. Nicole Saba - 'Christmas Medley'