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DOWNLOAD: Paula Temple - Gegen
Laurie Tuffrey , December 22nd, 2014 14:02

First track on new imprint Noise Manifesto given away as end-of-year gift

Paula Temple, the Lancashire-born, Berlin-based producer, has been a mainstay on the tQHQ stereo, namely for 'Deathvox', the title track off this year's EP for R&S, which flew high in our Tracks Of The Year chart last week. Now, just before the year's out, Temple's gifted us an ace present to bid 2014 farewell: she's announced her new label, Noise Manifesto, and put up the imprint's first track, 'Gegen', as a free download, available for the next fortnight. Once again, it's an immensely satisfying techno broiler: warm, powerhouse kicks cycle over, crossed by kinetic rhythms and pocked with synth blares, emerging from the depths. It comes to a halt before being riven through with phasing percussion, a relentless, convulsing assault. Talking about the track's title in the Facebook post accompanying the track, Temple writes: "'Gegen' is a very powerful word here in Berlin. It is a word of Tension. It is the word you see on all the protest posters on the streets, and when I first moved here, this instantly made me feel I have come to the right place. Residents standing up and AGAINST what is hurting people, and residents are active every week to be against (gegen) oppression". Get hold of it via the embed below, and keep an eye on the Quietus next year for an interview with Temple: