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The Bug & More For CTM
Luke Turner , December 18th, 2014 19:22

Berlin festival grows pleasingly... Kevin Martin photo by Morisa Tamaki

The Bug, Powell, JK Flesh, Zamilska, OAKE, Volte-Face, Mumdance, Lorenzo Senni, Pinch and Adrian Sherwood are among Quietus favourites just announced as performing at this year's CTM Festival, which takes place in Berlin at the end of January and start of February. They join the likes of previously-announced Electric Wizard, Carter Tutti Void, Evian Christ Live, Mondkopf's Extreme Precautions, Nisennenmondai, Rose Kallal & Mark O Pilkington, Prostitutes and E.E.K featuring Islam Chipsy. Aiee! Looks like we'll be pitching our naughty tent in the Berghain for about a week.

When The Quietus interviewed Kevin Martin in Berlin earlier this year he said that he was looking for an opportunity to bring out his own sound system for special one-off louder-than-usual performances. Given that The Bug's sets are louder than the devil's bottom after a night on dark ale, this has us very excited. Say CTM: ""Rhythmless, immersive, and constructed from sirens, foghorns, and bass drones, the work encourages a complete body/mind wash, in an attempt to lose all sense of time and place." Oh yes. This will take place at Berghain, and on the same night Bug-collaborator and Godflesh/Napalm Death guitarist Justin Broadrick will be playing in his JK Flesh incarnation. Who needed ears anyway?

Robin Fox and Atom TM will be bringing their Double Vision AV show, originally commissioned by Unsound, to Berlin while Mumdance, Logos & Shapednoise will be collaborating on a special one-off project called The Sprawl. A key part of this year's CTM will be Berlin Current, which aims to support artists from the city. These will include Downwards artists Grebenstein and OAKE, along with Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, Ketev, KABLAM, Olle Holmberg, Sarah Farina and artists from the Through My Speakers label and collective including Van Lenz, Radar Bird, Nght Drps, and Sabrina.

We're also especially interested by some more unfamiliar names on the bill, such as Philipp Gorbachev & The Naked Man who apparently deliver "an exploration of the musical crossroads between techno, post-punk, Cómemeʼs outsider take on electronic primitives, and original Russian dance music." Poland once again looks to be opening our ears with new addition RSS B0ys, "a shamanistic techno project combining analogue hardware with e-drums managed and performed (in veils)".

For more information on CTM 2014 please visit the Festival website.