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LISTEN: Clark's D&B Sellotape Banger
Laurie Tuffrey , November 28th, 2014 14:02

Doing his tQ Baker's Dozen caused Clark to delve into his archive and pick out an early track he recorded using samples of him scrunching Sellotape - play An Accident In A Stationery Shop below

When he was talking to tQ's Nick Hutchings about Bernard Parmegiani's De Natura Sonorum in his Baker's Dozen, published yesterday, he spoke about making samples of scrunching Sellotape in the Coral Press stationery shop he worked in as an 18-year-old in St Albans. "I just had this PZM microphone - really cheap but amazing, and the filters I used on this sampler were pretty amazing," says Clark. "I just had a MiniDisc player and I built these collages. I was young, arrogant - I just thought yeah, shit I'm the first person to have ever done this. And then it's just one of those where someone goes, 'No, you're not actually, someone did this 30 years ago much better' and you're like, 'oh, right' and he was that person, Bernard Parmegiani.'"

Nonetheless, Clark was kind enough to root around in his bumper collection of hard drives to find the track he made with said samples and mastered it especially for tQ, so give 'An Accident In A Stationery Shop', a drum & bass-infused adhesive tape banger, a play above and read the Baker's here. Clark's next show is at the Berghain in Berlin on December 3; for full details and listings, head to his website.