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Baker's Dozen

Sonic Worlds: Clark's Favourite Albums
Nick Hutchings , November 27th, 2014 15:15

With his sterling, self-titled seventh album released and a run of sets coming up before the year's out, the Warp producer delves into his towel collection (read on) and picks his 13 top LPs for Nick Hutchings


Nico - Chelsea Girl
There's one song on that, 'The Fairest Of The Seasons', which to me is the saddest song in the world in a way that is maudlin, but also transcends that by being so well put together but that was more... I did mushrooms with Bibio and a load of mates in Wales on his 30th birthday and that was the only music we could listen to at four in the morning after tripping out. It sounded so soft and reassuring.

Nico's voice is just astonishing, so we were just worshipping that record for two hours and then we made loads of spaghetti bolognaise, weirdly, so I've got a weird association of that album. It's weird 'cause you don't really get hungry when you take acid, but mushrooms, I always get weird, psychedelic munchies and just wanna eat loads of pasta.