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Baker's Dozen

Palm Desert Discs: John Garcia's Favourite Albums
Mark Eglinton , November 21st, 2014 14:09

With his self-titled debut solo album out earlier this year and a run of UK shows imminent, the former Kyuss man has been wringing his hands over picking 13 all-time favourite LPs. Mark Eglinton helps him boil it down


The Cult - Electric
After listening to Love every single day from when I first heard it in my eighth grade photography class, I was always just waiting for the next record. I loved the psychedelic weirdness of Love. It was kind of gothy, kind of Bauhaus-y and I really dug that about it. Then one day Maggie Martin said to me in my English class: "I've got the new Cult record…" "Hand it to me," I said. We had a Walkman and we put it on and I first thought: "What the fuck is this AC/DC stuff going on here?" I didn't know how to respond but I was such a fan at that point - and had seen their transitions from Southern Death Cult to Death Cult and so on - that I gave it a chance and eventually learned to sing because of it. Hell, it got me to and from high school on a daily basis. It was super dry-sounding and they changed their whole look on the back of it. Billy [Duffy, Cult guitarist] went from being a blond Fonzie to growing his hair, wearing ripped jeans and rockin' out!