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Baker's Dozen

Swells A Rebellious Heart: Vashti Bunyan's Favourite Musical Phrases
The Quietus , November 13th, 2014 12:14

Following the release of her final album Heartleap last month, the folk singer-songwriter delves into her favourite records to pick particular moments of music that have stuck with her, from Beethoven to Brandy & Monica stopping by JJ Cale, Talking Heads and Bill Callahan on the way


Molly Drake - Molly Drake - 'Poor Mum'
Nick Drake's father [Rodney] recorded Nick's mother singing and playing her cleverly wrought songs on a home tape recorder in their sitting room. Nick's sister has now allowed them to be released. This song particularly got to me as it is a theme I have commented on in a song or two of my own: that so many women of her generation had little chance to be seen or heard as anything but dutiful wives and mothers, and had to forget their dreaming. I wonder if this song was a reply to Nick's 'Poor Boy'. The part that always affects me is the end of the last verse - "go out and grab at your life and forget you are poor, poor… mu-u-um" the last word spoken as if by her child.