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Swells A Rebellious Heart: Vashti Bunyan's Favourite Musical Phrases
The Quietus , November 13th, 2014 12:14

Following the release of her final album Heartleap last month, the folk singer-songwriter delves into her favourite records to pick particular moments of music that have stuck with her, from Beethoven to Brandy & Monica stopping by JJ Cale, Talking Heads and Bill Callahan on the way


Beethoven - Symphony No. 6 - II. Andante molto mosso
Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony. A small part of it - the final few minutes. As a child I ruined my father's delicate old 78 rpm record of this by lifting the needle and dropping it back again to where the last lilting strings and birdsong completely fascinated me, over and over, not caring that I would incur huge wrath. I couldn't exactly keep it quiet and so, to stop me, the needle was taken out of the record player. I got a sewing needle, turned on the turntable and even though what I got out of it was a vague approximation to what I knew was there, it was enough. The damage was of course even worse, so when I hear it now I am six again and getting yelled at. Worth it.