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Baker's Dozen

Swells A Rebellious Heart: Vashti Bunyan's Favourite Musical Phrases
The Quietus , November 13th, 2014 12:14

Following the release of her final album Heartleap last month, the folk singer-songwriter delves into her favourite records to pick particular moments of music that have stuck with her, from Beethoven to Brandy & Monica stopping by JJ Cale, Talking Heads and Bill Callahan on the way


Lambchop - OH (ohio) - 'National Talk Like A Pirate Day'
Tony Crow's piano. He is one of my favourite players, so subtle. He is a huge person but can play so gently. At 4:29 on this song you might hear what I mean, and then at the end - playing out with a few beautiful notes. Kurt Wagner's words - I don't claim to understand them all or hear them right but these are some as I do hear them:

"Until it's time to sing this song over my grave
Like a boy who just forgets the morning shave
Or the girl who gets the hound dog to behave
I will sing to you."