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Anthroprophh: New Video And Mix
Laurie Tuffrey , October 31st, 2014 15:14

Band get crate-digging before tomorrow's Golden Cabinet show and unveil video for Dead Man On The Scene from Outside The Circle

Anthroprophh, the trio behind Outside The Circle, one of the mightiest psych records to have graced our astral plane this year, are playing Shipley's Golden Cabinet tomorrow night in a marriage of sheer aceness. In order to fully prepare ears and minds, Rocket Recordings, Anthroprophh's label, have supplied us with both a fine mix the band's Paul Allen has put together, but also given us the first look at the video for 'Dead Man On The Scene', the album's two-and-a-bit-minute blowout of a second track. Not only that, but Golden Cabinet themselves have a done a fine priming mix, running from Anthroprophh to Muslimgauze by way of Gum Takes Tooth and more. The video is above, the two mixes below (tracklisting for Anthroprophh's here) and tickets for the gig - which we couldn't recommend enough, featuring Kemper Norton, whose Loor album has been a firm favourite this year, and Bristol duo Big Naturals on the bill, as it does - are here.

Golden Cabinet October Mix by Golden Cabinet on Mixcloud