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LISTEN: Plex BleeD Them Playlist
The Quietus , October 31st, 2014 14:15

Epic & heavy YouTube playlist to preview next week's party of parties

Oh bloody hell, it's here again - The Quietus' favourite annual knees-up of knees-ups, the November annihilator, the wrecker of blue-sky Autumnal bliss. London's techno stalwarts Plex are once more teaming up with some of their promoter and label friends down at Corsica Studios and open up a techno cannonade on our poor weak minds, tits and balls. This year's party, which happens on Friday November 7th, features Ancient Methods, Inigo Kennedy, Bintus, Skunkrock, Donor (with special guest), Black Amiga, Ansome, JoeFarr, J.tijn, Altar, Waterworks, Tengui, Hieroglyphic Being, Charles Manier and Ekoplex, plus residents James Tec, Luke Handsfree and Volte-Face. PLUS BLACKNECKS LIVE! TO THE COSMOS LET'S GO! MY HEAD IS BECOME LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem. Anyway, the various artists have banged together a YouTube playlist which you can listen to above, and read about their why they made their selections below. Join tQ wrecking crew at PTB next Friday by purchasing a ticket via RA here.

Plex selections:

Ancient Methods
Valved - 'Blood On The Controls' (Whirling Hall Of Knives Remix #1)   The sheer energy of this track is just incredible, recollecting memories of Waveform Transmission Vol. 1 and the feasible, raw power of techno.

Inigo Kennedy
Fabrizio Lapiana - '1002B'

For me one the spine-tingling tracks of this year and it strikes such a chord with the way I make music too. It layers beautifully in a dense mix and it's one of those ones that when you play you look up and see half the people in front of you with their eyes closed. Magic

Ayshe Tram - 'Roman Men'

Unlikely chart smash in South Wales during the balmy summer of '98. Occupied the No.1 spot on Red Dragon Radio's 'Top 10' for a record breaking 15 weeks.

Foreigner - 'Urgent'

This isn't ironic. A curveball pitched up, placed with some acid or techno either side. Great simplicity and groove. Thomas Dolby provided synth programming, which is lush. Not for everybody I'm sure, but to see the people get down to this pays back any risk nine-fold. Aside from all that - It momentarily blows away any anti-sax notions (if you make it that far). Finally - what a look. 

John Carpenter - 'Assault on Precinct 13'

John Carpenter’s influence on me goes way back before I even knew what electronic music was and continues to be a huge influence every year going forward. Simple but effective. Long live!

Black Amiga
Muslimgauze - 'Jaagheed Zarb'

Bryn Jones is a huge influence for me. Killer rhythms and textures from the prolific man!

Luke Handsfree
Jeff Mills - 'Hypnotist'

Perhaps one of the most intense tracks Mills has ever made; just when you think it can't get more crushing, it piles on the pressure some more... wild percussion and a smasher of a bassline 

Alter Ego - 'Betty Ford'

Big room gear from 2000. One of those tracks that gets everyone raving together, trading knowing glances with your fellow ravers after a head down stomp, strobes on full for this one!

James Tec
Robert Hood - 'Untitled Sketch' [Moveable Parts Chapter 1]

Probably my all-time favourite Robert Hood track and one that used to completely destroy Lost in the mid 90s. Clinically stripped down percussion work and some seriously hypnotic wonky lead sounds make this a guaranteed floor smasher which may well get some play time at PBT next Friday

THEM artist selections...

New Order - 'Blue Monday'

Love this tune, I try and include it in all my sets. It gives people a breath of fresh air from the relentless battering of techno.

Mike Dearborn - 'Time & Space'

This is a proper slab of acid that I first heard at Atomic Jam, the 303 is doing all the right things. The raw HH at the end is just disgusting.

Mike Dehnert - 'Layer'

Ride Cymbal headfuck

CEO - 'Screeching'

DJ Boss - 'Purity!' Lag turned me onto DJ Boss from Slovakia. I like the aggression and cross rhythm in this one. Check out Lag too for similar kicks.

Shunji Moriwaki - 'Shirushi-O-Chodai' (Remix)

My favourite tune to start a set with at the moment, that eerie vocal sample at the beginning is good for freaking people out.

BleeD artist selections:

Hieroglyphic Being
Suicide - ‘Frankie Teardrop’

It’s the universal suffrage tune 2 the human kind.

Charles Manier
Charles Manier - ‘Waitin’ For Electrocution’

(Chosen by Volte-Face)The Charles Manier project wears its influences on his sleeve - a mash-up of maverick 80s influences, from no-wave and post-punk to EBM and proto-house, creating something brand new in the process

Mystery Tune (John Peel c. 1987)

I recorded this tune onto cassette from the John Peel show circa 1987. I have no idea who the artist is or the track title. If anybody can identify, I’d be much obliged. Ta!

Bronze Teeth - ‘Albion Pressure’

Diagonal’s a label on a hot streak at the minute, and you can rest assured that I’ll be pulling for some of their analogue machine-funk at some point in my closing set.