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Baker's Dozen

Not Pastel Colours: Boris Blank Of Yello's Favourite Albums
Rob Heath , October 21st, 2014 12:31

With a new box set of his soundtrack work just released, the composer and Yello man takes Rob Heath from Sun Ra to The xx in his all-time top LPs


The Stooges - The Stooges
I really love this song '1969', it's unbelievable, such an amazing kind of lyrics but such a power coming out of this young Iggy Pop. It is authentic, it felt authentic, and is still very timeless. When the 80s arrived with his punk influence, with people wearing his hairstyle, that was already yesterday. I didn't listen to punk anymore, as the real punk was for me The Stooges, that was happening in the late 60s with this band. Really pure aggression and pure life. And of course 'I Wanna Be Your Dog', all those tracks are for me absolutely original and authentic, and also timeless. I can listen to them today. My daughter, who is 17 now, is listening to music like this today, it's great - it's still great music.

As people get older they lose some of their blooming fantasy, but Iggy Pop is still himself. He never tried to change his jacket because the fashion is going in another direction. He's still himself, he's a very authentic personality. And I know that he has also written songs for David Bowie, like 'China Girl'. Although I'm not following him today, not in his fan club, I respect him, his style, even till today as he's getting older. He's a very honest character in the music business, and to me very important for lots and lots of young bands.