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Baker's Dozen

Not Pastel Colours: Boris Blank Of Yello's Favourite Albums
Rob Heath , October 21st, 2014 12:31

With a new box set of his soundtrack work just released, the composer and Yello man takes Rob Heath from Sun Ra to The xx in his all-time top LPs


Peter Scherer - Cronologia
Peter Scherer is a colleague, a Swiss composer, and to my knowledge is the only one who was a student of György Ligeti in Hamburg. I met him in very strange circumstances: I was making part of the music for a film called Mounted By The Gods, which is a documentary also by a Swiss artist about one of the last voodoo monasteries in Africa. I did some music for this film using samples directly from the drummers of this circle playing for these voodoo sessions. He was doing the scoring for the film and I was just doing a few tracks for it. Since then we've been regularly listening to each other's music. One day perhaps we will do an album together, as this was a wish of mine and also of his.

There is humour in his music. I think humour is one of the most important things in our lives, that you have a certain self-irony, that you can laugh at yourself. Of course in certain ways I'm very serious, doing my music being very precise and so on, but I think humour is very, very important in my life and I can see it on the track 'West' from Cronologia, which is humorous but also totally serious in how the music is structured, which I have a great respect for.