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Baker's Dozen

Not Pastel Colours: Boris Blank Of Yello's Favourite Albums
Rob Heath , October 21st, 2014 12:31

With a new box set of his soundtrack work just released, the composer and Yello man takes Rob Heath from Sun Ra to The xx in his all-time top LPs


The Normal - 'Warm Leatherette'/'T.V.O.D.'
Along with Herbie Hancock's Sextant, 'Warm Leatherette' was one of the keys for me to start making electronic music. On Sextant I looked at the instrumentalists and saw one very important name, the ARP Odyssey: a synthesiser which I immediately had to buy. I went to the bank to go and get credit to buy this instrument, which at the time was quite expensive. But for me 'Warm Leatherette' was a real key for me to start my own electronic career. This one is still timeless too. 'T.V.O.D.' you can listen to still today. Let's declare this record an album, although it was just a single. It is a whole world for me. I was playing some music as a DJ in Berlin recently, and I played 'Warm Leatherette' as the opening number and people are still dancing like crazy, and young people come up and ask who it is. It's still modern, it's fucking modern, still today. Ian Tregoning, who I did the Electrified box set with, is a friend of Daniel Miller, so one day I can give all my compliments to him myself.