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LISTEN: Application Quietus Mix
Christian Eede , November 3rd, 2014 13:55

The Black Dog side project record a one-hour mix of pounding techno especially for tQ to mark the release of new remix EP, out today

With their new Applied Remixes EP out today, Application, made up of The Black Dog's Richard and Martin Dust, have given us a new mix recorded especially for the Quietus to mark the release. The one-hour mix, entitled Thee Frequency Ov Truth and built around 18 tracks of pummelling techno and club music, takes in material from Wolfgang Voigt, Beneath, Planetary Assault Systems and more, as well as releases from labels such as Ostgut Ton, PAN and Dust Science Recordings, home to The Black Dog.

Applied Remixes, out through Dust Science, sees Application choosing some of their favourite artists to remix tracks from their recent album, System Fork. Each artist selected their favourite track from the album and was "given the freedom to do what they wanted with the track". The EP includes reworks from Russell Haswell, Pye Corner Audio, Mark Fell, as well as Beneath and Application themselves, with their cuts featured on the mix. Listen above and take a look at the full tracklisting below:

Application - Broadcast 03. Thee Frequency Ov Truth

  1. Shelley Parker - 'Fixed Connectors' (Entr'acte)
  2. Scanner - '17 Moth Open Mouth' (Sub Rosa)
  3. Planetary Assault Systems - 'Human Like Us' (Ostgut Ton)
  4. Bok Bok & Tom Trago - 'Hole Driller 3' (Night Voyage)
  5. Application - 'Swuth' (Remixed By Application) (Dust Science)
  6. Beneath - 'Golden Age' (No Symbols)
  7. Kanding Ray - 'Black Empire' (Raster-Noton)
  8. Black Sites - 'Prototype' (PAN)
  9. Byetone - 'Morning' (Bleep)
  10. Application - 'Cron Job' (Dust Science)
  11. Christian Wünsch - 'Ionized' (Pole Group)
  12. Adriana Lopez - 'Método' (Grey Report)
  13. Application - 'Flange 7' (Remixed By Beneath) (Dust Science)
  14. Ritzi Lee - 'Activate' (Belief System)
  15. Mike Parker - 'Lustration Nine' (Prologue)
  16. Shade Of Drums - 'Black Grade' (Cyclic Numbers)
  17. Planetary Assault Systems - 'Nanendi' (Mote-Evolver)
  18. Wolfgang Voigt - '10' 04"' (Raster-Noton)