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Baker's Dozen

Central To Process: Justin Broadrick's Favourite Albums
Kate Hennessy , October 16th, 2014 15:08

In a piece originally commissioned by The Bug's Kevin Martin, Justin Broadrick follows the release of Godflesh's new album A World Lit Only By Fire by taking a new spin on the Baker's Dozen format and talking Kate Hennessy through his current listening favourites


Marsen Jules - Lazy Sunday Funerals
I may be vehemently corrected but, essentially, I think Marsen Jules samples microcosms of classical music and processes it and makes it into something else. It's a process that was somewhat initiated by another fantastic German artist, Gas. Marsen Jules could be considered a practitioner of what Gas sort of started. I think he was one of the first in electronica to sample classical music and layer it against itself and create something with a removed emotional impact, where you take crescendos from classical music and layer them to create something else which is a process I find exciting. I love sampling and taking microcosms of other people's music and stretching it with modern tech. Marsen Jules has made a lot of music I am consistently excited by. It's still very melancholy but it's more dynamic than the other ambient choices on this list.

This one is never terrifying but has a sense of power. He's probably sampling some huge orchestra then processing it, but still capturing a sense of the power of those orchestras. I find huge orchestras really awe-inspiring. I'm not huge fan of traditional classical music but I like abusers of it, and samples of it, I like people who go beyond with it.