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Baker's Dozen

Thirteen Types Of Elsewhere: Mark Fell's Favourite Albums
Wyndham Wallace , October 9th, 2014 09:14

On the eve of his appearance at Semibreve, Portugal's annual celebration of "exploratory music and digital arts", Mark Fell guides us through his most beloved releases


Baby Ford - BFord 9
My work with Mat Steel under the group name Snd (I think he prefers capitals, SND) for us is a more or less techno-influenced project. And for us working as Snd, we seem to always be much more comfortable with the 12" format. Somehow the music and that format just work better: either one long track per side, or a three-track release, or a double 12" that is in actual fact the same duration as an album. For some reason, as a 12" the object hangs together in a more consolidated manner. And I think for me there are not many techno albums that I would be able to put in this list for that reason - because the form works better on a 12". I mean, I'm clearly ignoring most of Autechre's album releases when I make that statement, but for me there is a kind of authenticity to the 12"-ness of techno. What I like about BFord9 is that it is a techno record that succeeds in album form.