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Baker's Dozen

Coal Into Diamonds: Anand Wilder's Favourite Albums
Nick Hutchings , October 7th, 2014 13:32

Following the release of his album Break Line The Musical with Maxwell Kardon, the Yeasayer man talks Nick Hutchings through an appropriately musical-themed top 13


Prince And The Revolution - Around The World In A Day
'Raspberry Beret', 'Paisley Park' and the title track was amazing as well. It's a great psychedelic cover, I guess a bit like Sgt. Pepper's…. I love the flute intro on the title track and that was a big goal for the musical - to have each song have this little virtuosic moment, whether it was a harmonised guitar solo or a little flute line or some kind of piano solo. We had a rule that you had to be able to air-play some instrument on any song and if you could do that you could still be excited listening to the album 20 years down the line. It's hard doing fully contemporary music like Yeasayer, where doing something like a guitar solo always seems like a little dated or cheesy - so you want to have that variety, like a saxophone that's going through a weird pedal or being chopped up by a sampler or something, but this was pure "let's get this trumpet solo to be really haunting".