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Baker's Dozen

Burnt Ends: Slackk's Favourite Albums
Oli Marlow , October 2nd, 2014 13:46

The Liverpool-via-London grime producer and Boxed co-founder released his debut album, Palm Tree Fire, last month. Now, he talks Oli Marlow through his favourite records, taking in LPs, mixtapes, pirate radio sets and magazine cover-mounts. Slackk photograph courtesy of Mehdi Lacoste


Unknown date: Rugrat, J Wing & Dizzman on Freeze FM
I don't know the date of this, I didn't tape it myself but it's one of, if not, the hypest grime sets, I think, ever. Certainly from my perspective. The version I've got and the one that was on Grime Tapes (now just up on or whatever), is distorted as shit. I did have a copy that was split into two on Windows Media Audio (.wma files, remember them?) which wasn't distorted but this one is distorted - but it's just so fucking hype. The distortion probably adds to it.

I think there's kind of a thing where the focus on grime crews has always been focused around your Roll Deep, Nasty Crew, Ruff Sqwad axis when in reality there were equally things going on in West or South or whatever that were equally strong and as important to what was going on. This is the sub-Musical Mob crew and yeah, I just absolutely fucking love this set. It's the one that I've listened to the most. It's the epitome to me of one of them really upfront, dark and moody grime sets, like pure gun lyrics, radio distortion all over it and pulse bass blasts, the lot. I love that set. I can't espouse it enough. It's one of my favourites of all time.

I wish I could've seen this lot in a rave because I've got a couple of Rugrat and Dizzman sets and it's their energy, like sometimes you get MC duos or combinations that have real chemistry but these two just bounce off each other like no one's business.

Listen here.