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LISTEN: Stroboscopic Artefacts Playlist
The Quietus , September 18th, 2014 17:20

Lucy, Rrose and Perc select tunes ahead of tomorrow night's Stroboscopic Artefacts five years party at Corsica Studios

Tomorrow night (Friday 19th September) at The Quietus favourite dank and loud raving spot, Corsica Studios, Stroboscopic Artefacts celebrates five years of ushering forth intense and grubby experimental techno with a storming line-up of label boss Lucy, Rrose and Perc. This sort of stern muck might now be all the rage, but five years ago it was a very different picture, with the minimal still hanging on by the skin of its dentist-only-issue floss, dubstep still sending forth booms from the far underground. Since 2009, Stroboscopic have exceeded the national average with excellent, diverse releases from the underground, wisely paying as much attention to presentation and packaging - see the excellent Stellate Series - as the tunes.

Lucy selects choice cuts from the Stroboscopic archive, including Donato Dozzy, the gloriously wobble-headed desperation of Eomac's 'Moon Obelisk' and the booming groans of Chevel. Rrose, meanwhile, goes for more experimental racket - the juddering faces of Modell 5, the digital itch of Pauline Oliveros and an excerpt from a documentary about black science fiction. Drexciya vibes! Perc then tops the whole thing off with a typically rail gun monstering from Truss, and also points you in the direction of the below collection of music from the brand new Five Years Of Stroboscopic Artefacts compilation, featuring his own track 'Tri-City'. For more information and tickets, please go here.