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Laurie Tuffrey , September 9th, 2014 15:36

First play of track from forthcoming split EP with Katie Gately on FatCat

The penultimate edition to FatCat Records' splits series is due on October 27 and packs a powerful one-two: side A features a 15-minute track from tQ favourite, vocal manipulation artist Katie Gately (so sprawling is the track that Gately developed tendonitis over the course of its six-month construction; there'll be more on the work in our upcoming interview with her) while side B is a collection of four tracks from New Zealand electronics man Jeremy Coubrough, aka Tlaotlon, fresh off the back of his third album Ektomists, released earlier this year. FatCat have given us a first spin of 'ASCENSIS', one of Tlaotlon's tracks, all of which were forged out of feedback loops created by running an Android tablet through effects pedals. Continuing in his previous work's overloaded vein, the track's rhythmic pulsations interweave and overwrite each other with such head-spinning efficiency, you'd be forgiven for stopping the track to make sure you weren't playing something else simultaneously. Coubrough's skill is in channelling this strobing beat-clash into one seething, blinding whole, where shards of sound flare up and leave dizzying traces over the 4/4 throb that emerges as the dominant rhythm. The sound of a computer short-circuiting itself, in glorious hypertechnicolour.

Listen to it above and head over to FatCat's site to get your pre-orders in.