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Tome On The Range

Two Poems By: Daisy Lafarge
Karl Smith , September 7th, 2014 09:54

To Edinburgh this week for September's first instalment of new writing, coming via two new poems courtesy of Daisy Lafarge


the world is a beautiful and salad place, & the question on all of our lips is: does the
lake panorama and national ID put pressure on your amorous activities? it must be
hard not to let us all down, let’s hope for your body’s response to vistas

surmise: that catalogue worthy sites of fornication increase chances of conception.
organic cotton makes for wholesome children, they will inspire spirulina and kettlebells,
they will be your informers and saviours, the old order will crumble and they will write
papers on hegemonies of the centre aisles

the wunderkinder will find D12 in your itunes and know it to be a vitamin


desire extends horizontal from your stomach
like that ectoplasmic cord in Donnie Darko
but less umbilical

it has two heads
you keep fed
to bribe your body through time
N.B. one of the heads may have eaten itself

along the tracks lie attunements
like snack-pack fruit
or memberships to something

subscriptions outsplit:
the niche reincarnate
as palette or selfhood or mode
of transport

don’t underfeed this gulag of worldings:
I’ve counselled septuagenarians
through online dating heartbreak
burnèd belly, belied of bod
attune like you mean it - but
don’t come crying
when the love handles’ve gone;
fucked off with their namesake
& we’re loveless, unstuck

Daisy Lafarge (b. 1992) lives and studies in Edinburgh. Her poems and articles have appeared (or are forthcoming) in publications such as The New Statesman, Berfrois and 3:AM Magazine.