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Baker's Dozen

Rites Of Passage: The Haxan Cloak's Favourite Heavy Metal Albums
John Doran , August 28th, 2014 04:21

Bobby Krlic may well be primarily known as an electronic music producer, but he grew up a heavy metal obsessive. As commissioned by Kevin Martin as part of our Bug Week, he tells John Doran about the 13 metal albums he loved the most when he was young


Earth - Earth 2

I heard this when I went to university in Brighton where I was studying music and visual art. I vividly remember finding this record in my second year, and it resonated with loads of things that I was studying to do with my degree like Steve Reich and La Monte Young. Ever since I first started pissing about making electronic music when I was 15, even at that point I was really, really interested in the bass sounds, so fast forward a few years and then I realised that this epitomised that end of electronic music that I was looking at, and also the repetitive nature of La Monte Young and Terry Riley. It was this amazing marriage of things that I would never have thought of putting together.