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Baker's Dozen

Rites Of Passage: The Haxan Cloak's Favourite Heavy Metal Albums
John Doran , August 28th, 2014 04:21

Bobby Krlic may well be primarily known as an electronic music producer, but he grew up a heavy metal obsessive. As commissioned by Kevin Martin as part of our Bug Week, he tells John Doran about the 13 metal albums he loved the most when he was young


Guns N'Roses - Appetite For Destruction

It was a rite of passage. I heard this at an important age. I've got a brother who is seven or eight years older than I am, which meant I heard this when I was eight. It was one of those records that I wasn't allowed to listen it because of my mum, but he was. So he just used to play it to me in secret. My brother was fully into it and he was fully into a Guns N'Roses / thrash metal look and I thought he was the coolest person ever, so that really cemented it for me. The whole record is so badass. It made me want to be a guitar player definitely. I just thought Slash was the coolest person I'd ever seen. Fag in his mouth at all times and a bottle of Jack at his side. Even when you're eight years old and you've got no interest in smoking or drinking, I knew that he looked cool.