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Baker's Dozen

Rites Of Passage: The Haxan Cloak's Favourite Heavy Metal Albums
John Doran , August 28th, 2014 04:21

Bobby Krlic may well be primarily known as an electronic music producer, but he grew up a heavy metal obsessive. As commissioned by Kevin Martin as part of our Bug Week, he tells John Doran about the 13 metal albums he loved the most when he was young


Thrones - Day Late, Dollar Short

Joe Preston has been important for so many different things that I love in metal. He has played with Earth, Melvins, Harvey Milk, Sunn O))), High On Fire… it's mental, when you think about it. When people talk about Joe Preston, it's often as the guy that no one can keep in their band because apparently he's a complete dick, but maybe that's just because he's so good. He's really underrated as an electronic musician. When you listen to some of the synth and drum programming parts on Thrones albums and his vocoder work… it's amazing, man.